Covid-19 – Our Commitment To You

The COVID-19 global pandemic is an unprecedented phenomenon for us all. Given the series of events that have unfolded in South Africa over the past 2 weeks, we have seen President Ramaphosa make difficult and courageous decisions in the wake of a tumultuous economic and global environment. At Ata Capital, we must take lead from our President and support his decisive approach by ensuring that we consistently make decisions that safeguard not only Ata Capital and its Investors but also that display our commitment as responsible corporate citizens in the wake of these uncertain times.

At this point, we wanted to inform you of the measures we have put in place to play our part as responsible corporate citizens:

❖ Our Staff:
Ata Capital staff are central to what we are trying to achieve and we must ensure that their health and safety are a priority. To this end, all staff are now working completely remotely.

❖ Impact on Portfolio Companies:
In an effort to stay abreast of the various consequences of COVID-19, we have taken proactive measures to engage with our Portfolio Companies to understand the impact this has had on the performance of their businesses as well as the steps they will need to take to fully assess the risks and further implement measures to mitigate and manage these.

❖ Keeping connected:
In order to reiterate this business continuity, all staff are available either via their email address, telephonically or through alternative technology platforms.

To you, your family and colleagues we wish you all continued health and safety at this time. We also wish to extend our well wishes to you in your business and trust that we all are able to come through this challenge with renewed gratitude in the spirit of Ubuntu. As we navigate through this unchartered terrain, we would like to thank you for your continued trust and confidence in Ata Capital.

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